About MOVE


What does MOVE bv do?

  • The Website: Move runs its own ICT department where we bring news all about the EV. The Electric Vehicle.  We send the news around through the social media and by newsletters through our databases
  • The Magazine: MOVE E-Magazine is a monthly magazine about the Electric Vehicle where we will publish the  articles from our website that has a reach over 10.000 readers. Our columns are:  1. The latest News  2. Car Tests  3. Mobility EV’s  4. Prototypes and the futere  5. Charging  and  6. General News
  • The Car Project: We have started the production of our own 45 km car for disabled persons. Move has its owns designers department and over 30 designs for micro cars available for 3d printing.
  •  Our Agency: We arrange the registration for the EEG monitoring for suppliers and customers. We also arrange transport on land and sea for suppliers and customers. We also take care about the RDW registration and license plates.
  • Distributing: MOVE is importing  and distributing foreign EV’s in Europe with a goal of 10.000 vehicles in 2017. This is including Mobility Scooters, 45km Cars, Regular Electric cars, Electric bikes and scooters.
  • Charge Stations: We will distribute our foreign charge station and mediate bigger projects between foreign suppliers  and our government and third parties.

MOVE is a new company that is established by 2 companies and founders witch has both over 30 and 50 year experience in the automotive industry. Cars is our hobby, business and live. Electric cars is our hobby, business and new live. Companies that believe the same for a cleaner world for us and our children are very welcome to become our Business partner for long term.

–   MOVE  forward  –

  • M  –  Marcin Michal Wąsiewicz
  • O   –  Oosterbosch Toine
  • V   –  Vehicle
  • E   –  Electric

MOVE hoofdkantoren:

MOVE Nederland, Repel 11, 5501HR Veldhoven, Telefoon: +31(0)40-   Gsm: + 31(0)631-20.50.80

MOVE Belgie, Donk 28, 2360 Oud-Turnhout, Telefoon: +32/(0)14/45.02.20    Gsm: +32/(0)476/21.51.74



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