What would happen if Tesla Motors decided to foray into the world of electric motorcycles??

What would happen if Tesla Motors decided to foray into the world of electric motorcycles? Designer Jans Slapins set out to answer that exact question by creating illustrations of what a potential Tesla Model M could look like.

Though the renders are purely speculative, the Tesla Model M does apply Tesla’s design ethos pretty convincingly onto a two-wheeled vehicle. The modern-looking bike prominently displays the Tesla logo, and packs its battery pack into a chunky body between the two carbon-fiber wheels.According to Silodrome, the idea for the bike includes a 150-kilowatt (201 hp) electric motor that’s powered by a lithium-ion battery pack.


A storage compartment takes up the space where a conventional bike’s fuel tank would be, and the frame is made of aluminum. The suspension reportedly consists of a mono shock in back and an inverted fork up front. The design study doesn’t have any driving range estimations, or any information on how the bike would be charged.

We wouldn’t hold our breath for Tesla to enter the motorcycle market with a bike like this anytime soon, but if Elon Musk decided to head in this direction, Tesla wouldn’t be the first electric motorcycle out there. Other companies like Zero and even Harley-Davidson have already explored the idea of a zero-emissions bike.

For now, we’re still holding out for the Tesla Model X crossover and Model 3 sedans, which are slated to debut within the next few years to expand Tesla’s reach into the market.


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